Two days of
live training that will completely change your

Two days of live training that will completely change your






There is a formula for extracting all this power that is within you and you do not even imagine.

Below are the points that will be worked on in training, click the + and understand each item better

Lack of communication accounts for 85% of layoffs. And 95% of breakups and fights of love relationships, personal and interpersonal. With this in mind, this training will bring a powerful tool called Disc and work hard so that by the end of this course, as well as turning you into a behavioral analyst, you have in your hands the great power and mastery over this powerful one. but also about communicating with others and the world, making them understand themselves more assertively and most of all understanding how other people think, act and why we are so different. The purpose of this process is to avoid conflict by knowing what drives people to behave in different ways and discovering the big secret of why we think and act so differently.

We hear a lot about emotional intelligence these days, but what is it? Where do you come from? How to have? How to master? In this training you will learn a little more about this large and powerful universe of emotional intelligence. Get ready for a new world, charming and challenging.

Each time we hear more about the power of our mind, how much we don’t know and can’t use half of what we could or should. How is this possible? What powers are these? How to use them? How to apply in my daily life? How can lacking this knowledge impact so much on my life? These are just some of the secrets that will be revealed during this training.

This is one of the themes that most attracts and excites people. Given the current reality, we cannot ignore the great truth that our country is experiencing difficulties and most of the time, we cannot change them, but the point is knowing how to deal with them, transforming our bad thoughts. in good thoughts and generate through this action a new tangible reality, thus changing your current reality and especially your future.

Lack of focus and discipline are mainly responsible for the failure and failure of our dreams. Achieving them, whatever they may be, personal, interpersonal, or professional, requires focus and determination. With this in mind, this training brings ways and tools so that finally you can bring into your reality more of these important and determining factors for the realization of your dreams.

Neurolinguistic programming, what is this so-called powerful tool? I will bring the concept of this content so present and so distant at the same time in our lives, in order to make you finally understand what it is and not let yourself be dominated by these hitherto unknown traps that are present in your life. day by day without even being noticed.

Será que realmente precisamos de um gênio da lâmpada para aprender a multiplicar esse tempo que vem voando cada dia mais um pouco?
Existe uma maneira de aprender a administrar esse tempo para que você possa realizar todas as suas tarefas, objetivos e sonhos.
Esse talvez, seja um dos pedidos mais feitos e ao mesmo tempo o mais fácil de ser resolvido. Venha descobrir como fazer isso.

Do you feel safe? If you had the opportunity to look outside, to hire yourself, to date yourself, to have the choice of whether or not to have you in your own life, what would you do? What would you change? Security and self-confidence are two skills that can and should be worked upon, just knowing and wanting. This training will help you a lot with this.

Todos nós em algum momento da nossa vida já perdemos alguma boa oportunidade, seja de trabalho, de relacionamento amoroso, de amizade, ou até mesmo de prazer, por falta de controle sobre as nossas emoções. Sabe aquela situação, que você deveria ter contado até dez, que você deveria ter respirado ou gostaria de ter sido mais calmo? Sabe aquele momento que você gostaria de ter outra chance para fazer diferente? O objetivo aqui é trazer ferramentas para que você possa aprender a controlar suas emoções, não só para que oportunidades como essas não sejam jogadas fora, mas para que você tenha capacidade de visualizar outras grandes chances que possam passar despercebidas pelos seus olhos, por você ainda não ter habilidade sobre a gestão de suas emoções.

What would it be to sell? In life we ​​all have a value, be it emotional, family, loving or even financial when it comes to work.
Have you ever felt used? Do you really know how to sell yourself? How much are you worth? And how much would you like to be worth?
In this topic you will learn ways to learn to value yourself. Extract through techniques, qualities you don’t even think you have, so that you can finally make yourself worth much more than you can today.

Uma vez que este treinamento irá abordar o poder da mente, aqui você se aprofundará um pouco mais no autocontrole desses poderes, com o objetivo de transformar dificuldades e pensamentos negativos em cenários mais favoráveis e pensamentos muito mais positivos. Isso te ajudará a alcançar com mais facilidade os seus sonhos e metas através de algumas partes do seu mapa mental que até então não eram nem exploradas.

Nessa parte do treinamento, você já terá trabalhado pontos suficientes para que você tenha não só a consciência do quão responsável, poderoso e capaz você pode ser, mas para que você também tenha capacidade de trazer os seus sonhos e metas antes inalcançáveis para a sua realidade atual.
Aqui você finalmente tem a opção de tirar do papel ou dos seus pensamentos todos aqueles sonhos usando o que foi aprendido até então.



This is a path of no return growth where the sky is the limit. Welcome, this is the right place for you.



You have no idea, but there is a formula to extract this power that is within you!



You will learn to value yourself. Extract through techniques, qualities you don’t even think you have.


It will be 20 hours, 1,200 minutes or 72,000 seconds that will forever transform your view of life.

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