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Medicare Insurance part D or prescription Rx coverage can be obtained as a stand alone part D plan or included in a medicare advantage plan. All part D plans have different formularies and tier prices for covered drugs. In Jacksonville florida there are 19 medicare D plans offered … so unless you are insurance savvy and computer efficient comparing all this can be a task. It is much easier and secure to let us do the research for your 3Rs *** right doctors, right coverage, right price!


Low income medicare beneficiaries are eligible for some extra government assistance but they must apply for and then be approved to get such help. If your individual monthly income is below $1,471 or $1,991 as a couple, then you may be eligible for some level of financial assistance. Unfortunately, many beneficiaries have not filed because they are/were unaware of this opportunity. Just contact us to learn more about the potential Benefit Levels and apply.

Medicare Part D Prescription Rx Quotes
plus Answers and Enroll Help

Medicare Part D Prescription Rx Quotes plus Answers and Enroll Help

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Types of Coverage

A medicare prescription drug plan will come with a list of drugs that will be covered. This is called a formulary. Drugs are often put into a tier within the formulary with drugs in lower tiers costing you less than those in higher tiers. If your provider feels you need a drug not on the formulary an exception may be requested.

Enrollment Period

Phases of Coverage

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