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What is Medicare?

In Jacksonville Florida, there are 11 Medicare Medigap Supplement Plans, 17 advantage part C policies, plus 19 Part D drugs offered … so unless you are insurance savvy and computer efficient comparing all this can be a daunting task. It is much easier and secure to let us do the research for your 3Rs *** right doctors, right coverage, right price! Medicare is a federal program that ensures citizens who are disabled or 65 and older have affordable health care options.

It is also one of the most complex systems of insurance to understand because of the rules, regulations, deadlines, penalties, compliance guidelines, and other policies and procedures set forth by the federal government. Fortunately, our experienced and knowledgeable team is well versed in the do’s and do not’s of Medicare. We are here to assist you along your medicare purchasing journey, ensuring that you find the best coverage options for your individual needs and that you are properly educated on your medicare coverage.

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Medicare Health Plans for Your Needs and Budget

Original Medicare

Part A covers hospice care, some home health care, inpatient hospital stays and skilled nursing facility care.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Part B covers preventative services, doctors’ services, medical supplies and outpatient care.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Part C is a type of insurance provided by private companies to give you all the Part A and Part B benefits.

Your Medicare Coverage

Part C is a type of insurance provided by private companies to give you all the Part A and Part B benefits.

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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap plans are offered by private insurance companies to cover the expenses that original medicare fee for service does not pay. This includes the deductibles, co-insurance, out-of-country expenses, and Part B excess charges. These plans are regulated by center for medicare and medicaid services (CMS). Plan options a through n benefits are the same but premiums will vary from company to company please contact brewer insurance group to find out which plan works for you.

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