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Medicare advantage Part C plans include Rx coverage and are offered from top Florida company with $0 to very low monthly cost. There is no medical deductible and affordable copays for primary doctor are $0 to $10 and specialists $10 to $50 thru HMO or PPO networks. Your doctors and hospitals probably participate, and if they do, you can save thousands with this type of policy compared to the combined cost of medigap supplement and Rx plan premiums.


Low income medicare beneficiaries are eligible for some extra government assistance but they must apply for and then be approved to get such help. If your individual monthly income is below $1,471 or $1,991 as a couple, then you may be eligible for some level of financial assistance. unfortunately, many beneficiaries have not filed because they are/were unaware of this opportunity. Just contact us to learn more about the potential benefit Levels and apply.

Medicare Advantage Part C Quotes
plus Answers and Enroll Help

Medicare Advantage Part C Quotes plus Answers and Enroll Help

CALL 1-800-940-3900 or click email part C medicare provides additional coverage to compliment Part A and Part B. This extra coverage may include medical and prescription coverage in one single plan. It will also define a network of providers with an HMO, PPO or another network option. Other options that may be available with a medicare advantage plan include:

Costs of Medicare Part C Plans

The out-of-pocket premium for part C medicare may vary depending on many factors including:

What Should You Know about
Medicare Advantage Plans?

What Should You Know about Medicare Advantage Plans?

With part C coverage, there are a few things you should understand including:

You can join part C plans even with pre-existing conditions except for END STAGE RENAL DISEASE

The rules other plan must be followed.

1.  Some costs of a clinical research study may be covered by your plan.

2. Your medical advantage plans are not allowed to charge more than original medicare for services such as, dialysis, skilled nursing facility care and chemotherapy.

3. If you have questions about Part C or medicare advantage plans, call one of the licensed Jacksonville Insurance agents at brewer Insurance group. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get the coverage you need.

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